Monday, 20 February 2017

Is it possible we on the Left have missed a crucial redeeming feature in President Trump?

No, it isn't. He's a berserk orange bollock having a temper tantrum.
I win! Bigly! Fake Everything! Sad!

So here's something completely different.

Turn off your radio, turn off your TV, turn off Twitter, turn off Facebook, close your laptop.

Breathe in, nice and deep.

Hold it a while.

Now exhale, letting all your anger, worries and fears go with your breath.


Now stand up, let your arms hang loose and relaxed, then bend down from the waist. Let your arms stay nice and floppy.

Now slowly, gradually, one vertebra at a time, start rising up again. Feel your back stretch and fold and slide into place. When you're standing up straight, raise your chin and look upwards. Imagine you're stretching for the sky and raise your arms, reaching out to their fullest extent. Imagine yourself as a tree in new summer light, your feet reaching deep into the earth, your fingers brushing the air.

Breathe again, and expand into the moment: Make yourself as tall and as wide as possible.

And exhale, keep your head held high and let your arms swing down. Give them a little shake.

Now step outside. Walk. Take your shoes off if you want or if you can. Get lost in the woods, or go find the first flowers of Spring. Stand in a crowd of people and silently wish each person you see 'May you be well. May you be happy.'

Stand on a hill and consider the sky. If it's a clear night, lose yourself in the treasure chest of the heavens, and consider that every single bit of you began in the heart of an unimaginable explosion that caused all space and time to come into being, that every atom in you was born in the heart of a star, that you are the very fabric of the universe, that you are, in fact, the universe made sentient, and you are witnessing yourself as your story unfolds across the years and the distances. Consider that what we think of as life is too, too brief, but that it is, or can be, glorious.

Go and tell someone you love them.

Go do something random.

Go do something audacious. And don't worry about being afraid - that's OK: understand why you're afraid, and you'll never be ruled by it.

Above all, be you. Be the best you that you can possibly be.

And that's the way we defeat the shouters, the haters, the false and the pernicious - by rising up, moving on and knowing there is more to us that our own individual voices.

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