Friday, 24 June 2016

Honour, Respect, Dignity.

Three little words that mean so much to so many - and yet are used to mask so much.

It's coming up for midday on the post-Referendum UK now.

I can't pretend I'm not deeply affected by the outcome. Disappointed, yes; Somewhat angry, yes, but calmer now; Truly surprised? Not entirely.

And that honourable man, David Cameron, has done the honourable thing and respectfully, with dignity, has proffered his resignation.

Because, as we all know, David Cameron is an honourable man. Indeed, this covey of triumphant politicians - Mr. Duncan Smith, Mr. Gove, Mr. Farage, and above all Mr. Johnson - are all gentlemen of honourable intent.

The Prime Minister has said 'The British people have voted...and their will must be respected'. And he is a respectful man.

Mr. Johnson has said 'This is a glorious opportunity...for the UK'. And he is an honourable man.

Mr Farage has called today 'our independence day', with all his usual reserve and dignity, and with the candour that comes from his honourable nature has rebutted the claim that the money that goes to Brussels will now be spent on the NHS.

Honour, respect, dignity.

Oh, one word I omitted: Courage.

The PM courageously sanctioned a referendum that was wanted, in reality, by very few, apart from the honourable, respectful, dignified, courageous gentlemen on the right of his party and that honourable, respectful, dignified and courageous purveyor of media, Mr. Murdoch.

When the votes were cast and the results read out, Mr Cameron strode in dignity to the lectern outside no. 10 and, respecting the fig leaf of the National Will to hide his honour, resigned, courageously leaving the job that, in all reality, he has been trying to get out of for at least the last two years with his own, self-regarding dignity intact.

Honour, respect, dignity, courage.

Mr. Johnson, that honourable gentleman who enthralled us with the dignified manner in which he descended a zip wire, is a man of great respect - for his manifest belief that he should lead this country.

Mr. Farage, a man who has never known want, or fear, or insecurity, respectfully stands in front of a poster of a line of refugees, and courageously lies and lies and lies.

Mr. Gove maintains his calm dignity in front of each camera, and demands respect, and lies and lies and lies.

These fine and honourable gentlemen shall sleep soundly tonight, convinced of their worth.

I would not buy their treacherous honour, their trifling respect, their flaccid dignity, or their hollow courage for all the money that allegedly goes to the EU, and which they sold their souls for.

Honourable gentlemen all: You have sold your country for the sake of your personal aims, and a terrible day will come when you truly realise what you have done.

Still, done it is, so now my friends, we must consider what we should do next.
Let us take back these words - honour, respect, dignity and courage - and let them be our watchwords for the day ahead.
Let us add one more: Love, because that is what we need above all these - what we all need.
Let us not be fractured as a nation of nations by the greed, by the vanity, by the hubris, by the mendacity of these few honourable gentlemen.

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