Saturday, 13 February 2016

A new home

Welcome to the Nth Columnist, my new home for matters domestic, political and things that are probably best filed under 'other'.
Why'The Nth Columnist'? Well, let's face it - all my blog writing up till now has had a largely journalistic flavour, so I felt that a title that reflected that would be a good idea. It's also a reflection of the idea of outsider politics - despite the fact that life itself is very much a political thing, it seems that getting one's voice actually heard above the hubbub is increasingly difficult.
And, let's be honest here, 'The Joy of Raki' wasn't getting that well read.
I'll be including some old posts from there on here in due course.
As to what you can expect from this, it will largely be a continuation of ideas explored and written about in the Joy of Raki, with the exception of the Turkish stuff - I'll be dedicating a new blog to that, once I've narrowed down my choices of name.
Hope you enjoy!

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